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Product FAQ's

What are Hex Lights, and how do they work?

Hex Lights are innovative, hexagonal-shaped LED lighting panels that can be seamlessly interconnected. They work by emitting vibrant colors and patterns when connected to a controller. These panels create stunning visual displays that can be controlled through a smartphone app or a remote control.

How easy is it to install and control Hex Lights?

Installing Hex Lights is simple and user-friendly. Each panel comes with mounting hardware, and they can be connected together effortlessly. The control is intuitive, with options to customize colours, animations, and brightness using a smartphone app or a remote control. No technical expertise is required.

Are Hex Lights energy-efficient, and can they help reduce electricity costs?

Yes, Hex Lights are energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. They consume less electricity compared to traditional lighting options, which can result in significant cost savings over time. Their efficiency also makes them eco-friendly by reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Can I create my own custom lighting designs with Hex Lights?

Yes, Hex Lights offer the flexibility to design your own custom lighting patterns. You can unleash your creativity and personalize your space with unique lighting displays, just CONTACT US HERE to get in touch about a custom size.

How do I clean and maintain Hex Lights to ensure they look their best?

Maintaining Hex Lights is easy. Simply wipe them down with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust or smudges. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals to preserve the finish and clarity of the panels.